Elevate Phoenix is a unique 24/7 accredited program for Arizona Youth

Mission:  Delivering long-term, life-changing relationships with urban youth

Together with urban public schools and communities we strengthen character, empower knowledge and elevate relationships.

What we do 

  • In-school teaching
  • After-school mentoring/tutoring
  • Career instruction/ post-secondary preparation
  • Character, life skills and peer leadership development
  • Community service
  • Adventure activities        

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Why we do it

Kids in urban Phoenix are struggling. Faced with poverty, gangs, drugs, violence and dysfunction, their futures are often in jeopardy.  Our full-time teacher mentors pour their lives into students out of their calling to make a difference. 

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How we do it

The Elevate Phoenix curriculum is designed to teach character, life skills, and leadership to urban students.  The heart of our success is the work of our team of full-time, primarily ethnic staff who serve as teachers, mentors, and life coaches to students over multiple years. Teacher Mentors are available to students 24/7.

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I’m passionate about the work Elevate Phoenix does. I know how important it is to ensure that today’s youth are prepared for tomorrow.”

-Tom Lehman, Board Member and PGA golf professional.